Tweet Activity Chart (Auth edition)

Tweet Activity Chart (Auth edition)

Timeline Analysis category Figures (Charts and ranking)  
User timeline 1. Tweets and retweets        
2. Retweeted tweets (*1)          
3. Liked tweets (*1)          
4. Retweeted users          
5. Mentioned users          
6. Hashtags (*2)          
Mentions timeline 7. Mentioners          
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Account @ (Specify)
Tweets   (Most recent 1 to )
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Account (Authenticate)
Mentions   (Most recent 1 to )
  / / / / (Year/Month/Day ~ Year/Month/Day)
Time zone
  • A calendar input for a date field has been supported. (Apl. 18, 2017)
  • The Range option has been supported. (Feb. 17, 2017)
  • Tweet Activity Chart doesn't tweet anything and doesn't follow anyone automatically.
  • It takes time between several seconds to a few tens of seconds until figures appear. Please wait for a while. Processing time depends on numbers of tweets and mentions you entered and on server congestion.
  • The Forward, the Back and the Update buttons in browsers are not supported.
  • A maximum number of ranking on a chart is 10 and on the Ranking is 30 respectively.
  • The rate limit of mentions timeline API is only 15 times per 15 minutes, so beware of it. (Max. 200 mentions per API call)

  • (*1) A "Number of times" on each bar on a chart means the sum of total numbers of retweets or likes of tweets within a period of the bar. It doesn't mean the sum of numbers of retweets or likes within a period of the bar.
  • (*2) Since non-English characters cannot be drawn on charts, aliases of real hashtags are drawn instead. You can see real hashtags on the Ranking.

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