Tweet Activity Chart

Tweet Activity Chart

Timeline Analysis category Figures (Charts and ranking)  
User timeline 1. Tweets and retweets        
2. Retweeted tweets (*1)          
3. Liked tweets (*1)          
4. Retweeted users          
5. Mentioned users          
6. Hashtags (*2)          
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  • A calendar input for a date field has been supported. (Apl. 18, 2017)
  • The Range option has been supported. (Feb. 17, 2017)
  • The Auth edition has been released. Available to use from the Auth edition link on bottom of the screen. Differences between the Standard and the Auth editions are written in the FAQs link. (Jul. 5, 2016)
  • Tweet Activity Chart doesn't tweet anything and doesn't follow anyone automatically.
  • It takes time between several seconds to a few tens of seconds until figures appear. Please wait for a while. Processing time depends on a number of tweets you entered and on server congestion.
  • The Forward, the Back and the Update buttons in browsers are not supported.
  • A maximum number of ranking on a chart is 10 and on the Ranking is 30 respectively.

  • (*1) A "Number of times" on each bar on a chart means the sum of total numbers of retweets or likes of tweets within a period of the bar. It doesn't mean the sum of numbers of retweets or likes within a period of the bar.
  • (*2) Since non-English characters cannot be drawn on charts, aliases of real hashtags are drawn instead. You can see real hashtags on the Ranking.

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